Is it even Tuesday?!?!

A classic Shannon story:

Last Tuesday I ended up skipping my South African history class simply because I couldn’t remember what time it was at. (It’s just a boring lecture don’t really need to be there anyway) This week I decided to be a good student so I double checked the time of the class: Tuesday at 14:00 (2pm).

I get to class 5 min early (see, good student), walk in sit down and take out my history book and pen. I look around and see some faces I’m not used to but it’s a big class so I didn’t think anything of it.

My usual young red head female professor isn’t there yet but I assume she’s outside smoking a cigarette before class like I’ve seen her doing before. Then in walks a man close to 60 years old who pulls up a power point on Black Politics….

I’m in the wrong class. I didn’t want to be rude and just walk out of class in the middle of a lecture, so I stuck it out and waited for it to end (luckily it was only an hour long class that got out early!)

I have no idea how I could have possibly messed this up. Especially since it is our 6th week of classes AND I double checked the time of class before I left. I was even questioning if it was even Tuesday and had to check that multiple times. 

The painfully boring, and monotone Black Politics class has ended and I am just as confused as I was when it started. I guess South African History on Tuesday’s and I just aren’t meant to be? We’ll see what happens next week!