Wow I’m in love…

I’ve been in Stellenbosch, South Africa for only 5 days but it has been so easy to fall in love with this beautiful place! I’ve made amazing friends, found cute little restaurants, figured out my way around town and campus, had a couple nights out at the bars, and participated in lots and lots of orientation sessions. 

Since we arrived at night, it was hard to really know what was around us…the first thing I noticed in the morning when I woke up was the incredible view out of my apartment window! It was literally breathtaking! 

(It’s even bigger in person!) and this mountain isn’t the only one, our campus is surrounded by them! This one is called Stellenbosch Mountain and I can’t wait to (attempt) to hike it. 

The food has been one of my favorite parts of Stellie, we’ve discovered lots of cute little restaurants and had delicious wine that’s made in the wineries in town. Get ready for lots of food pics…

I’m realizing this blog might become more about food than about traveling…but I’m a Conway, what did you expect? 

On Saturday, all 400 international students are going on a tour of Cape Town  which I am so excited for! (Blog post definitely to come) 

Stellenbosch has stolen my heart after less than a week and I am longing for the adventures that lie ahead…


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